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Peacock Options

Facing Direction

Option 1:

emerald green peacock taxidermy, right-facing
emerald green peacock taxidermy, left-facing




Option 2:


Emerald Green Peacock Taxidermy on perch
White Peacock Taxidermy, standing



The peacock's feet are wrapped around a T-shaped perch , but you can't see them because his feathers cover both the perch and feet. This is how they sit in their natural environment.

Option 3:

Wooden Base Color

Dark Stain

White Painted

The shape and size of stand may vary, depending on availability as well as the actual position and size of the bird. All reasonable requested customizing will be considered.

Pink Peacock Options

Pink Peacock taxidermy with white accents
This is just one example of options for a dyed peacock.

I offer customized accents by contrasting colors on the crest, the sword feathers on the sides and also the guard or "butterfly" feathers at the bottom of the tail (not dyed in the photo).

The eyes can also be tailored to match or to contrast, depending on your preference. 

​Have fun with it!

Swan Options

Option 1:

Facing Direction

A  Right-Facing
(from the swan's perspective)


B  Left-Facing
(from the swan's perspective)

The turned direction of the face is very slight with the swans, and it may not seem too important, but this is what you'll see (see left pictures) if the bird needs to face in one particular direction, and you choose the wrong one. Altho these birds are stunning and graceful from any angle, most people would probably prefer to see the face looking in their direction.
That is the only standard option on the swans. However, if you would like a particular neck or wing position, all reasonable requests will be considered. Since it can be difficult to describe in text or on the phone, please send me a picture of the position you would like, and I'll see if I can do it for you.

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