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About Me


Welcome to my shop! Here's a little bit about me.

I love beautiful and unusual birds which is a result of being born and raised in East Africa. Although we didn't have the same kind of birds that I offer here, the birds that I grew up with that would wake me up every morning and catch my attention every day were completely awesome. The variety and indivuality of each one intrigued me. I've been facinated by birds ever since I can remember.

Taxidermy then became a family business, as there was so much to experiment with and learn about. I grew up with taxidermized birds all over our walls.

I am not a hunter and none of these birds have been hunted. They've all grown up in captivity in the USA and almost all have died of natural causes with a few exceptions, like the exquisite emerald green peacock that was so mean it's owners couldn't feed him without being atttacked every time.

These are my attempts to restore some of the original "life" and beauty of these peacocks and swans through taxidermy. All of the work is done solely by me. I truly hope you enjoy them.

Because I am the sole creator of these pieces, I will probably never have tons of birds to choose from at the same time. They do take a bit of time. I carefully create them to be not only extremely beautiful, but very portable as well, so you can take them to any event you'd like in an average sized car.

I am a hands-on kind of person, and I enjoy interacting with my clients. I welcome telephone orders and even prefer them to text or email because I get a better feel for what you want through that kind of communication. I like the old fashioned kind of business with a personal touch.

You might even contact me to see if we can create a fantasy bird doesn't even exist yet but that you've been mulling around in your head. I love that kind of stuff.

I hope you enjoy my work and check back every now and then to see what new things I've got going on to offer you.

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